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Adventure in the area

What’s happening in the area

Toppen af Danmark (The Top of Denmark) is synonymous with great experiences, for example: Rubjerg Knude, Grenen, and Råbjerg Mile. Impressive beaches: Wide boulevards in Løkken, beautiful beaches in Skagen and Palmestranden (The Palm Beach) in Frederikshavn.

Below, you can read more about the exciting, MUST-SE attractions in the area.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Now 70 meters closer to land
Just outside Lønstrup, on the impressive migrating dune Rubjerg Knude, stands Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse—right on the edge of the North Sea. Here, the forces of nature are unleashed and difficult to tame. The North Sea erodes the cliffs, and the lighthouse inches closer and closer to the edge.

Craftsmanship in the Top of Denmark

Many years ago, artists were inspired by the special light of Skagen, and even today, the light in the Top of Denmark holds a special allure for artists and craftsmen. The Top of Denmark is known for its diversity of craftsmen working with various materials and forms of expression such as amber, ceramics, and glass.

Skagens Art Museums

Always worth a visit with inspiring, changing exhibitions.
Skagens Museum is an internationally recognized museum dedicated to the Skagen painters, the artist colony with painters such as Krøyer, Anna & Michael Ancher, Tuxen, and others, who settled in Skagen in the 19th century.

Authentic culinary experiences

In the Top of Denmark, you'll find almost all types of dining establishments, including sushi, open-faced sandwiches, fish and seafood, as well as gourmet restaurants. In addition, there are numerous ethnic restaurants, brasseries, pizzerias, and cafes.

The Grey Lighthouse

Scenery, nature, history, and birds
Skagen Gray Lighthouse provides the setting for an international experience center for migratory birds. Skagen is one of Europe's best locations for migratory birds. The center offers a new and vibrant experience of nature and the migratory birds' ability to cover vast distances, exploring why they migrate and how they navigate.

North Jutland Coastal Museum

State-recognized cultural-historical museum
During World War II, Hitler ordered the construction of the Atlantic Wall from Norway in the north to France in the south. This defensive fortification was intended to protect German troops from invasion by the Allies. Today, the gray concrete bunkers remain.

Historic buildings

Enjoy art and cultural experiences at the many historical museums in the area, where history is vividly told. In castles, manors, and churches, you'll encounter significant figures from history, or at least see the marks they have left on history.

North Sea Oceanarium

A sea of experiences
Northern Europe's largest aquarium offers an exciting adventure beneath the surface of the sea. Be impressed by the gigantic Oceanarium with a whopping 4.5 million liters of seawater and thousands of fish in shoals, sharks, rays, and tunas. The North Sea Oceanarium provides great family experiences for both young and old.