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Cozy restaurant

In our cozy restaurant, you also have the feeling that time has stood still. The tables are set with white tablecloths, flowers, and candles. There is traditional wallpaper on the walls, thick carpets, and wide, heavy chairs that invite you to sit for a while and socialize with family and good friends over a nice dinner.

The restaurant opens in the evening and offers a menu composed from seasonal raw ingredients. For example, veal steak and traditional Danish beef. With our history and location near the sea, we naturally always have several fish dishes on the menu. For instance, you can always have plaice fried in butter or a traditional Wienerschnitzel made from veal, of course.

Authentic tap-room

Aalbæk Badehotel is possibly North Jutland’s most atmospheric place to dine. Whether you enjoy a lunch in the tap-room or eat dinner in the restaurant, the experience exudes mood and atmosphere. The tap-room offers a nostalgic journey back to a time when people put on their Sunday best when going out, and restaurants served traditional Danish food such as open-faced sandwiches and classic Danish dishes such as stjerneskud (“shooting star”, a traditional Danish preparation consisting of fish, shrimp and garnish), as well as bondeæggekage, a kind of omelet with bacon and potato filling.

In addition to the furniture and the decor, the walls of the restaurant are adorned with historical pictures of the inn, which our guests enjoy studying. For example, there are pictures of Karsten V. Sørensen and his wife Marie who purchased the inn in 1927 and ran it for the next 40 years.